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What is the Phone Army?


The Phone Army is a suite of programs, these programs allow you to make phone calls and send texts from your windows computer.


We integrate with Microsoft office to make it possible to make calls and send Texts from inside Excel. We also integrate with Browsers so you can click on numbers within a browser and save yourself from having to type out phone numbers manually.

And the best thing is that the Phone Army uses your phone! No expensive third party sites or monthly fees for sending texts, utilise the spare capacity on your tariff. 
Phone Army is very reasonable one off purchase, see Pricing.
To download a free Trial of the Phone Army see Downloads.

What can it do for me?


  • Help you to


  1. run a business or manage a club
    1. relay news by text to your customers or club members at the click of a button.
  4. make sales
    1. phone your prospects by simply clicking the next number on the list.


By making you and your computer and phone into one powerful unit, the Phone Army saves you time and boosts your productivity. You can be liberated from tricky keying on the phone keypad. And as bonus you can have a permanent record of your calls and texts stored safely on your computer.


The Phone Army was developed for use by a market research company. When one young lady's machine was upgraded, the Phone Army was inadvertently omitted. The young lady complained bitterly and said she didn't want to work without it! At that moment we realised how valuable to a business, club or individual the Phone Army could be.

Tell Me More


"I'm interested, tell me more about this suite of programs."


There are three divisions in the Phone Army and they are...

Desktop to Phone

Link your computer to your mobile phone. Make calls and send texts by clicking phone numbers on your screen.

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Office Add-Ins

Integrate your Microsoft Office products like Excel/Outlook with your mobile phone. Click phone numbers/buttons to make calls or send SMS individually or in a batch.

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Browser Extensions

When you surf the Internet you can see phone numbers as hyperlinks.  Click on those hyperlinks to Make Calls or send SMS using your mobile phone.

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Case Study


The Phone Army was developed for a small to medium sized market research company, who have a requirement to call many people per day. They wanted a system which provides provides large call centre like functionality for minimum cost (and we mean minimum cost, especially with their tariff of unlimited calls and texts).


This market research company, has a panel of respondents, people willing to take part in focus groups. Respondent phone numbers are displayed by their company's bespoke software. Staff can now make calls and sent texts to respondents directly from their screens. Calls tend to be made during the selection process and text used as reminders to attend groups.


A database of calls made and texts sent has been useful for tracking company activity and monitoring productivity and by transfering this information to the computer away from the phone additional data security is built into their system. Phones can easily leave a building, computers cannot.


In the next phase of development, which is well underway,  two way traffic will be possible, so that respondents can reply to texts and their replies will be available on the company's database.