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The Phone Army...


... is a suite of programs, which connect your favourite Windows applications to your phone.


Currently we integrate with Microsoft Office and internet browsers. For example, suppose you have list of customers in Excel and you want to text them, using your own phone, no problem, it's really easy. Or if you are browsing with say Chrome and you see a phone number, just click on it to make the call.

You might think it isn't so difficult to text or make a call and you would be right but it is difficult should you need to send many or text or make many phone calls a day. 
And another great thing, is that the Phone Army uses your phone! No expensive third party sites or monthly fees for sending texts. You can use the spare capacity on your tariff. 
The Phone Army is very reasonable one off purchase, see Pricing.
To download a free trial of the Phone Army see Download.
To ease your understanding think of the Phone Army having 3 main parts ...

Desktop to Phone

Link your computer to your mobile phone. Make calls and send texts by clicking phone numbers on your screen.

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Office Add-Ins

Integrate your Microsoft Office products like Excel/Outlook with your mobile phone. Click phone numbers/buttons to make calls or send SMS individually or in a batch.

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Browser Extensions

When you surf the Internet you can see phone numbers as hyperlinks.  Click on those hyperlinks to Make Calls or send SMS using your mobile phone.

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Case Study


The Phone Army was developed for a small to medium sized market research company, Focus4People Ltd. They call hundreds of people per day so they wanted a system which provided large call centre like functionality and of course, at minimum cost. We saw that their phone plan had unlimited calls and texts and that this resource was available and begging to be used.


Focus4People Ltd, has a panel of respondents, people willing to take part in focus groups. Respondent phone numbers are displayed on screen by their bespoke software. Staff can now make calls easily by clicking the number on their screens and type texts into their computer's keyboard. 


Individual users can keep a database of calls made and texts sent and this has been useful for tracking company activity, monitoring productivity and increasing security. 


New developments, of the Phone Army are eagerly awaited including the ability to gather users individual database into a central one for management reporting.