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The Phone Army works with Microsoft Office. Currently we only integrate with Microsoft Excel, but in the near future we will be releasing integration with Outlook.  


By integrating with Microsoft Office we give you the ability to use The Phone Army in an environment that you are used to with the tools and power that comes with Microsoft Office. The Phone Army Office Addins can provide you with Easy to use tools that can help you in speeding up your productivity when dealing with phone calls and SMS within office.

Excel Addin


The Excel Addin will provide a new Tab in the ribbon bar of Excel. This tab will provide you the ability to create buttons or clickable hyperlinks on your spreadsheet which can make calls or send texts.




This Excel Addin is designed to work in two modes :


   Highlight - Using the Highlight and unhighlight buttons you can convert any phone numbers in your spreadsheet to clickable hyperlinks which will Pop-Up the Phone captain's Keyboard ready for a Call or SMS



   Call/SMS/Batch SMS Buttons - Using the Call, SMS or Batch SMS buttons you can extend your table with columns of Call or SMS Buttons that will Issue tasks to your phone to Make Calls or Send Texts. Extra Colums are provided for success/fail replies when clicking these buttons.


   Call Buttons


   SMS Buttons


   GroupSMS Buttons


These features of the Excel Addin can be used simultaneously and can be saved with the workbook so you can continue your work later. The Texts sent and calls made are stored in your phones history as if you have sent the text or made the call via the phone so these tools can be very handy at saving you precious time when dealing with large amounts of data.


For a more in-depth Guide on how to use the Excel Addin Click Here.